Why Lease with Shades of Paper and Canon Financial?



Save your Working Capital

Manage your cash flow to your advantage. Leasing gives you the ability to acquire the equipment and services you need at an affordable monthly rate. This frees up capital you can use for other business opportunities and investments.


Total Business Solution

Most importantly, we want you to succeed. Shades of Paper and Canon Financial will work with you to understand your financing needs. We can develop a plan to help you acquire the equipment and services you need to meet your businesses goals. You can also easily add-on or upgrade to your leasing plan once approved. This flexibility is a major advantage when wanting to upscale your production while maintaining a monthly payment plan.


It’s Simple and Flexible

Leasing provides straight-forward budgeting with fixed payments over a specific period of time. This allows you to budget month to month. Leasing with Canon Financial and Shades of Paper is generally faster and requires less paperwork than traditional bank financing.


To fill out our leasing application with Canon Financial Services, please click here.


If you have any questions about our leasing program with Canon Financial Services please feel free to reach out by phone or email!